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The following are brief excerpts of select reviews posted to Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes and Noble.

Select excerpts from Amazon reviews:


Lives Up To Its Title


“This encyclopedic text delivers on its promise and more. Overall the best text on this effective sport I have ever come across…Well done authors, well done.”


-Mark Hatmaker

Author, Boxing Like the Champs: Lessons From Boxing’s Greatest Rounds

Proprietor of Extreme Self Protection


Best Muay Thai book I’ve seen

“This book provides the tools to improve your Muay Thai…Nothing replaces a solid instructor, but this is a great book to reference and have on your shelf.”

– John Fedorjaka & Margaret Corrigan


Great Book for Kickboxers!

“An excellent book, a must for anyone interested in Muay Thai or other forms of kickboxing.”



Next best thing to live instructional videos.

“It is very informative and if you’ve had several introductory courses in Muay Thai, this book will be a valuable training guide. I fully recommend it!”


(Verified Purchase)


Five Stars

“Great book for beginners.”

-Shawn T


 Great book on Thai boxing

“ This book is a great introduction to the art and will give you a good idea what it’s about..”

-Andrew Baye

Select excerpts from Barnes and Noble reviews:


Great Kickboxing Book

“This is one for the library; I have already utilized it while instructing students.”


Awesome training book!

“This book is just what I’ve been looking for…I got this book to reinforce what I learn in the gym and it does just that!”


Excellent and Well Rounded

“…did a splendid job of organizing the subject matter. This will go on my bookshelf, with my favorites.”

Select excerpts from Amazon UK reviews:



“This book is an excellent buy. I personally find this book fantastic. I have made use of it and still do even now. Anyone into striking arts won’t be disappointed with the purchase.”

-Liam Camm


 Muay Thai Kickboxing: The Ultimate Guide to Conditioning, Training and Fighting

“I think this is currently the best book on Muay Thai you can buy.”

-Phillip Bastians


Worth Every Penny

“The book itself is excellent. Written in clear, easy to understand English with a lot of pictures and illustrations.”

-E. O’Sullivan

Muay Thai Kickboxing: The Ultimate Guide

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